Wedding Time Capsule Ceremony for Future Anniversaries

I guess I’m a hopeless romantic but I think the Wedding Time Capsule, also called the Wedding Wine Box, ceremony is one of the best ways for you and your future spouse to renew your love year after year. Here’s how it works…

The Wedding Time Capsule Ceremony in Detail

Prior to the ceremony, purchase a beautiful box with a lockable latch or a special wedding capsule made specifically for the ceremony. Put most of the items in the box prior to the ceremony; during the ceremony you will add your letters and the bottle of wine or champagne as your minister reads about the significance of it. This is usually done after the ring exchange. After you put the items in the box, you will latch it shut. (Remember to have your maid of honor pick it up after the wedding.) As time passes, you will have a record of the yearly reflection on your relationship and living document of the growth and depth of your ever-evolving relationship.

Ideas for What to Put Inside the Wedding Time Capsule to Be Opened on Your 1st Anniversary

  • Memorabilia from your ceremony like the invitation, the program, etc.
  • A copy of your wedding vows.
  • Your horoscopes for the day.
  • A sealed letter to your spouse about how excited you are to be starting your first year together, etc.
  • Sealed letters from a select group of special friends and family about predictions for the future.
  • A CD of your favorite songs or some selections from your reception.
  • A bottle of wine or champagne to share when you open the box on your first anniversary.

Ideas for What to Put Inside for Future Anniversaries

  • Photos from your year together.
  • A list of highlights from your year together.
  • A list of dreams and goals for the coming year,
  • New letters to each other about how your love has grown and surprises you have encountered during the year.
  • Another bottle of wine or champagne.

Remember to keep these items because as the years pass you will look back and be amazed at how your love and life together has grown.

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