Variations of the Candle Ceremony (Unity Candle)

The candle or unity ceremony is a popular option to add to your wedding. It signifies the uniting of two lives into one with the bride and groom each taking a candle and lighting another single unity candle together. Here are some variations on the candle ceremony:

Unity Candle for a wedding ceremony

Personalized Unity Candle

–The mothers of the bride and groom are invited forward to light the single candles and then the bride and groom each take the candle from the hands of their mother to continue the lighting of the single unity candle. 

–You can add extra candles to have children involved to have the ceremony focus more on “family” unity rather than just husband and wife. Each child holds their own candle and with the bride and groom they all light the unity candle together.

Unity Candle for a wedding ceremony

Simple Unity Candle

–In windy locations it’s important to use a hurricane glass dome to protect the unity candle while being lit. I really don’t recommend the candle ceremony in these situations because it’s very difficult to keep candles lit. A better choice would be the sand ceremony which also signifies two lives coming together as one.

After the ceremony make sure you have someone pick up the unity candle so you can take it home as a keepsake or display it as a constant memory of your wedding day. Some couples keep all three candles and re-light the unity candle on each anniversary, which is a great way to renew those feelings of togetherness.

Where to Purchase a Unity Candle Set

Just in case you forget to buy a set in advance and don’t have time for it to be shipped before the wedding, you can usually find one at a local craft store such as Michaels. And of course, three plain white candles work just as well as a fancy set because the important thing is the message of joining two lives into one.

Here are some beautiful options from Amazon…