The Importance of a Wedding Rehearsal

Hiring a wedding planner or just having a self-run wedding is a big decision. It can be costly to hire a planner and time consuming to find the right one for your style of wedding. While on the other hand, running the wedding and rehearsal yourself or with the help of your wedding party doesn’t cost extra money but it might very well cause extra stress. In either case, one of the most important parts of the entire process is having a wedding rehearsal so all those months of planning for a wonderful day actually turn out to be a wonderful day!

Here’s Why You Should Have a Wedding Rehearsal

Let me start by saying if you are going to have 3 or more in your bridal party it is important to at least have a wedding rehearsal the day before your wedding so everyone will know what to do and when to do it. A rehearsal will greatly reduce the stress of the next day’s wedding. If you hire a wedding planner, he or she will certainly want to have a rehearsal. A large part of a wedding planner’s job is to eliminate as much stress as possible so you can focus on the real reason you are there, to marry the love of your life!

I have officiated at several large weddings where there was no wedding planner and the couple did not have a wedding rehearsal. Even though I send couples who are not having a rehearsal nor planner, instructions to help guide them through the process, when it comes down to the day it’s often chaos! Let me paint a picture of events without a planner and rehearsal…it’s 30 minutes before the ceremony is supposed to start and the flowers haven’t arrived and the cake is MIA. Now we are at the count down as guests are arriving and the bride is still getting dressed and the bridal party doesn’t know how they are supposed to line up and where to stand. I always arrive early for a wedding and do my best to assist but I can’t direct people when I’m up front for the ceremony.

So, that is what happens at many weddings without a rehearsal. Hiring a wedding planner is probably the best way to ensure the least stress possible and he or she will handle every detail so you can actually enjoy yourself at the rehearsal. However, for brides who don’t have a wedding planner, I offer rehearsal services for $75* and I will run the rehearsal, directing people where to stand, when to walk, what order to walk from beginning to end. This includes directing the parents and grandparents, and others who are involved in the ceremony.

Of course the choice is yours and is often dictated by your budget. Just remember that your wedding day will only happen once in your lifetime so it should be enjoyed to the fullest and having a rehearsal is a big part to make that happen.

* Travel fees may apply