The 2 Types of Marriage Licenses in California

marriage license

Of all tasks in planning your wedding, probably the most boring and tedious is getting the license but it’s one that is often forgotten until the last minute. There are two types of marriage licenses in California–public and confidential. In either case, the license is only good for 90 days, …

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Don’t Forget to Hire an Officiant

I got a call yesterday from a bride who is getting married on Sunday afternoon and asked if I’m available. She was in a bit of a panic and unfortunately I can’t help her because I’m already performing a wedding at the same time as her’s is scheduled. I get calls …

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Hello Brides & Grooms!


For years my wonderfully smart wife, Shari, has been telling me (suggesting strongly) that I write a blog to share what I’ve learned about weddings in the 10 years since I’ve been officiating ceremonies. No two weddings are ever the same; every single one has something unique, special and extraordinary …

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