Beach Wedding Planning for the Tide

paradise cove malibut

A few weeks ago I officiated a wonderful beach wedding at Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. It’s a great venue because there’s plenty of parking but since the parking is a little steep ($30 per car without restaurant validation) it’s more like a private club than the actual public beach that …

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No Chapel? No Problem! There are Better Options than a Chapel!

wedding in at the lighthouse in Long Beach

Often times I get calls from brides who want to get married the same day or the following day. These quickie weddings usually are not a problem for me because I always have wedding licenses on hand for occassions like this. However, the brides are often stumped when I tell them …

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Celeb Villa Locations Cheaper Than a Hotel Ballroom


I perform a lot of weddings around Malibu, on the beach and at traditional venues like the Bel Air Beach Club. However, recently I performed a wedding at a gorgeous private estate with stunning views of the distant ocean. I knew the bride and groom were from out of town …

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Sunset Wedding? Check the Timing First

Sand Ceremony at a Sunset Wedding

    If you are planning a sunset wedding, be sure to check the exact timing of the actual sunset before you set the time and mail your invitations. The full sunset actually takes about 30 minutes from twilight to darkness so if you don’t plan it right you might …

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