Spotlight–The Long Beach Museum of Art for Your Wedding

long beach museum of art wedding

Yesterday afternoon I officiated a lovely wedding at the Long Beach Museum of Art. The museum is housed in several Craftsman mansions that sit on the bluff overlooking the harbor and beach. In addition to art, the museum also features beautiful gardens, a wonderful cafe called, Claire’s, and an outdoor patio and fountain. I’ve …

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How to Get Everyone to the Wedding On Time

It may seem unnecessary to have a post about how to get everyone to the wedding on time but in my experience about 50% off all weddings start 30 minutes or more late. This can be a problem depending on the venue and people involved in your ceremony. I’ve seen 100 …

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The 2 Types of Marriage Licenses in California

marriage license

Of all tasks in planning your wedding, probably the most boring and tedious is getting the license but it’s one that is often forgotten until the last minute. There are two types of marriage licenses in California–public and confidential. In either case, the license is only good for 90 days, …

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How to Plan a Butterfly Release

butterfly release

A Butterfly Release at the end of your ceremony can be a beautiful, touching addition to an outside wedding. According to an American Indian legend, a caught and released butterfly carries a secret wish you make. While the release is supposed to be a stunning display of 20-60 butterflies fluttering over your guests, it often …

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No Chapel? No Problem! There are Better Options than a Chapel!

wedding in at the lighthouse in Long Beach

Often times I get calls from brides who want to get married the same day or the following day. These quickie weddings usually are not a problem for me because I always have wedding licenses on hand for occassions like this. However, the brides are often stumped when I tell them …

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Celeb Villa Locations Cheaper Than a Hotel Ballroom


I perform a lot of weddings around Malibu, on the beach and at traditional venues like the Bel Air Beach Club. However, recently I performed a wedding at a gorgeous private estate with stunning views of the distant ocean. I knew the bride and groom were from out of town …

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Sunset Wedding? Check the Timing First

Sand Ceremony at a Sunset Wedding

    If you are planning a sunset wedding, be sure to check the exact timing of the actual sunset before you set the time and mail your invitations. The full sunset actually takes about 30 minutes from twilight to darkness so if you don’t plan it right you might …

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Variations of the Candle Ceremony (Unity Candle)

Unity Candle

The candle or unity ceremony is a popular option to add to your wedding. It signifies the uniting of two lives into one with the bride and groom each taking a candle and lighting another single unity candle together. Here are some variations on the candle ceremony: –The mothers of the bride …

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How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

About half of the couples I work with decide they would like to write their own vows for their ceremony. Sometimes their own vows are in place of the traditional vows and sometimes they are in addition to them. But in nearly all cases, when it comes time to sit down to actually …

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Don’t Forget to Hire an Officiant

I got a call yesterday from a bride who is getting married on Sunday afternoon and asked if I’m available. She was in a bit of a panic and unfortunately I can’t help her because I’m already performing a wedding at the same time as her’s is scheduled. I get calls …

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