No Chapel? No Problem! There are Better Options than a Chapel!

wedding in at the lighthouse in Long Beach

Wedding at the Lighthouse Park in Long Beach

Often times I get calls from brides who want to get married the same day or the following day. These quickie weddings usually are not a problem for me because I always have wedding licenses on hand for occassions like this. However, the brides are often stumped when I tell them I don’t have a chapel. They wonder how they can get married if it’s not in a chapel. Frankly, in my opinion, many storefront wedding chapels are a bit cheesy. When I suggest a beach wedding instead, the brides almost always say, “Wow, I never thought of that! That would be great!”

There are so many fantastic options for quickie weddings, particularly in southern California but I think it is true in most communities. Here are some ideas–

1. The beach–of course the beach is a natural choice for many who live near the water. Many beaches do not charge a fee for small weddings with no set-ups (chairs, arches,etc.)
2. A city park–many parks have gazebos, duck ponds, flower gardens, etc. Most parks do not charge a fee even if you do have set ups.
3. A Pier–whether on the ocean or a lake, a wedding at the end of a pier at sunset is a stunning setting for a small wedding.
4. A friend’s backyard–I do backyard weddings all the time. It’s an affordable option but can also be a good idea for a quickie wedding.

Even if you want to get married in a hurry, just take a minute to think of the beautiful places near where you live and I’m sure you can find an officiant to marry you in natures chapel.