How to Plan a Butterfly Release

butterfly release for a wedding ceremony

Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release at the end of your ceremony can be a beautiful, touching addition to an outside wedding. According to an American Indian legend, a caught and released butterfly carries a secret wish you make. While the release is supposed to be a stunning display of 20-60 butterflies fluttering over your guests, it often ends up being a pile of limp butterflies dropping to the ground and flopping around. The secret to a successful release is to keep the butterflies warm and have light coming into the box, such as through a screen, otherwise the butterflies become lethargic if they have been kept in the dark and cold too long.

You can find suppliers of Monarch butterflies specifically for wedding ceremonies and other special occasions online. The price is $75-250 depending on the number of butterflies and the vendor.

  • Steve Schmidt

    Good Grief! A pile of butterflies so sad but funny as hell.