How to Include Children in Your Wedding Ceremony

Many weddings have a young flower girl and ring bearer but what if you are bringing children into a marriage and want them to play a more significant role? How can you make your children feel like they are a big part of not only the ceremony but of the life you and your husband or wife are going to be building from that day on?

Adding Children Within Your Ceremony

You can add children to several components of your ceremony depending on how involved you want them to be:

  • You can mention them in your vows to make them a part of your promises in addition to those to your spouse. Another option is to say completely separate vows specifically to your children promising to continue to provide love and support.
  • Everyone in your new family can have an individual candle and light the Unity Candle. The wording of that portion of the ceremony focuses on the family becoming one.
  • Everyone in the new family can have a small vase of sand, each of different colors, and then everyone together combines them in a large vase during a Sand Ceremony. This is the same message as the Unity Candle; just a different way of presenting the significance of the new family as one.
  • Both of you can present medallions or a special gift, such as a piece of jewelry, to each of your children. In this type of ceremony, the children come up to the front and stand before you and as you promise your continuing love, you give them each their gift. You can purchase family medallions online or simply buy a meaningful gift.

Unite Your Family

Your children may be going through a range of emotions about you marrying. Bringing them into the ceremony and recommitting your love to them and your promise to the future of your family is a wonderful way to start your new lives together in a very special way.