How to Get Everyone to the Wedding On Time

It may seem unnecessary to have a post about how to get everyone to the wedding on time but in my experience about 50% off all weddings start 30 minutes or more late. This can be a problem depending on the venue and people involved in your ceremony. I’ve seen 100 guests waiting up to an hour in the hot sun because the bride wasn’t ready, the groom’s parents were lost, or someone forgot the ring back at home.

Tip #1–Print your invitations with a ceremony start time at least 30 minutes before you actually intend to start. There are dozens of reasons why your guests are going to be late but if they are only 30 minutes late, they will actually be on time and won’t miss a thing!

Tip #2–Reconfirm all vendors the week before the wedding. Make sure they have the correct date and time. I have officiated several wedding where there was a miscommunication on start time between the florist and the venue, etc. causing a backup on the entire set up and big delay for the wedding. Just yesterday I officiated an “emergency” wedding where the original officiant had the date mixed up but it wasn’t discovered until he didn’t show up at the ceremony.

Tip #3–Prepare a last-minute checklist for your Maid of Honor and Best Man to follow the day of the wedding. This includes making sure the right person is bringing the marriage license, the ring, unity candle, etc. Make sure your parents and the entire wedding party knows who they are going to ride with and that everyone has the directions to your venue.

Tip #4–Brides, start your hair and make-up 45 minutes before you think you need to. WIth so many friends and family coming in to check on you and wish you good luck, you will start to run behind schedule. It’s better to be ready early and enjoy their company than shooing people away because you are in a hurry.

Tip #5–Consider hiring a wedding planner. It is an expense but a good planner is worth every penny if they negotiate good deals and take much of the responsibility off your shoulders so you can have a wonderful time at your wedding.

Your wedding day will be magical no matter what but a little advanced planning will help you enjoy every minute of it to its fullest.