Filipino Veil, Cord & Coin Ceremony

A traditional Filipino wedding ceremony involves several smaller ceremonies within in it, each with very deep spiritual meaning. Couples often include one or more of the following: a special veil, a cord (or lasso) and arras (coins). In addition, the bride and groom will select close friends or family members to act as sponsors for each of these ceremonies. Additionally, the unity candle and the assistance of the mothers of the couple plays an important role in the ceremony as well. The following is a brief description of each of the ceremony components:

The Veil

It’s a special square veil designed to go over the groom’s shoulders and the bride’s head. This veil represents everything and everyone who will protect them, their home and their families.

The Cord (Lasso)

It’s a long cord in the shape of a figure 8 (infinity), often with a rosary attached, that goes around the wedding couple’s shoulders. It is a symbol of their intimate union and a sign of their bond to each other, and their inseparable unity.

The Arras (Coins)

Exactly 13 coins in a pouch or box is brought to the altar by a small child like the ring bearer or the sponsors.  The coins are given from the groom to the bride as a pledge and promise to financially support their new family. The bride accepts the gift of these coins along with the responsibility of building a loving home. (These can be imitation coins, actual currency, or collected coins from the couple’s travels, etc.)

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