Don’t Forget to Hire an Officiant

I got a call yesterday from a bride who is getting married on Sunday afternoon and asked if I’m available. She was in a bit of a panic and unfortunately I can’t help her because I’m already performing a wedding at the same time as her’s is scheduled. I get calls like this almost every week from brides who have forgotten to hire an officiant for the ceremony or from brides who originally planned for a relative or friend to serve as officiant but at the last moment it’s not working out.

Hiring an officiant or clergy member should happen at the same time you have set the wedding date and are booking a venue. This rule applies even if you are planning a casual backyard or beach wedding. As soon as you have set your date, start interviewing officiants so you will have plenty of time to select the best match for you and the type of ceremony you desire. Planning ahead is particularly important during the busy summer months.

Also planning ahead will help the officiant have plenty of time to consult with you about ideas and prepare your ceremony. After all, a legal ceremony doesn’t actually happen unless you have an officiant, clergy or deputy commissioner  to declare you husband and wife.