Celeb Villa Locations Cheaper Than a Hotel Ballroom

I perform a lot of weddings around Malibu, on the beach and at traditional venues like the Bel Air Beach Club. However, recently I performed a wedding at a gorgeous private estate with stunning views of the distant ocean. I knew the bride and groom were from out of town so I remarked that it was nice that a friend had let them use the home. He replied that it was a vacation rental. Now that’s out-of-the-box thinking!Malibu

The couple rented the 6-bedroom vacation home for 3 nights; one night for the rehearsal dinner, the following day for the wedding and the last day for a brunch with family members. Plus, the couple and a few friends stayed there saving on hotel rooms as well. It wasn’t a huge wedding so it was easy to cater meals and rent some tables and chairs for the wedding functions.

There are a number of vacation home rental websites but one of the most popular, and one that I have used a number of times for family vacations, is VRBO (Vacation By Owner). VRBO offers homes around the world that can be rented for the night, week or month. With VRBO and most similar sites, you deal directly with the property owner rather than an agency. In most cases, you must put down a significant damage deposit so I would only suggest these types of properties for smaller weddings and with guests you know won’t get too crazy.

Here’s a small sample of what you can find on VRBO in Malibu–
A 6-bedroom/4.5-bath home that sleeps 12 right on the sand with an expansive patio perfect for a small wedding for $1500 per night.
A 7-bedroom/6-bathroom 12,000 square foot estate overlooking the Pacific with a pool, tennis courts, game room, etc. for $3500 per night.
A 4-bedroom/3-bath home with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean for $4000 a week.

VRBO and other vacation rental companies also offer fantastic properties in locations such as beach houses overlooking the Chesapeake Bay; ritzy Palm Beach, Florida estates; elegant mansions in the Garden District of New Orleans, etc.

Renting a vacation home can be a great option for price-conscious couples who want to get a big bang for their buck or for those who are looking for something a little different than a hotel-style venue.