Beach Wedding Planning for the Tide

A few weeks ago I officiated a wonderful beach wedding at Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. It’s a great venue because there’s plenty of parking but since the parking is a little steep ($30 per car without restaurant validation) it’s more like a private club than the actual public beach that it is.There are often a lot of beach-goers, but if you go around a rocky point north of the main beach, there’s a semi-private area–a perfect location for a wedding ceremony. It’s perfect unless the tide comes in and swamps your wedding setups and cuts you off from the main beach! That’s what happened at the wedding I officiated.

paradise cove malibut

Paradise Cove Malibu

Here’s how to make sure this doesn’t happen to your beach wedding setup…Plan Your Wedding Around The Tide Report

I did not select the time of this wedding; the couple had already sent out invitations without thinking about the tide. As you may remember from 3rd grade science class–the tide occurs twice a day, times vary depending on the day of the year–so you need to plan your wedding around Mother Nature. It’s easy to Google a tide report for your specific wedding location. Here’s a website for the tides in Los Angeles…

Towards the bottom of the page you can select a date in the future and a chart will come up with the low and high tides for that day. Remember to consider time for guests to arrive and any photos you want to take in addition to the actual time of the ceremony.